Hitman – Review


Hitman, a well-known game and even more famous assassin. Exciting levels, great attention to detail with both graphics and sound design, and countless assassination options make this an engrossing experience that includes some of the best replay value ever seen in a game. If you haven’t had a chance to play this great game, we played it for you and we bring you a comprehensive review. Sit back and enjoy.

The individual missions in this game send you wandering all over the globe like a bald James Bond with a barcode on the back of his head. Everything is linked via brief cut scenes that focus on a figure from Agent 47’s past. You can explore the game’s numerous levels with online-slots. The levels are huge and so packed with details that they take on lives of their own, much like separate movies in a franchise.

The long-running international flavor of the Hitman series has been spiced up with unique locations that take place in literally every corner of the world. You roam a Paris fashion show, sneak around a luxurious villa on the Italian coast, venture into mobs rioting in Moroccan souks, or stalk a rock star at a five-star hotel in Bangkok. On online casino games portal you can set the levels by your preferences and enjoy this game to the fullest. Each level looks fantastic and is filled with all sorts of nooks and crannies to explore and hundreds of NPCs to interact with – many of whom come with dialogue and specific routines and behaviors that can be figured into your assassinations.

The attention to detail is superb. The game offers plenty of ways to kill every target and even more routes to take to get to them before you shoot them. Every assignment comes with lots of different people in loads of different professions, which provides even more routes to your victims via the outfits you can remove from their corpses for use as disguises. Want to stay in a secret-agent tux? Or even a snazzy summer suit? Sure. But you can also replace the formal outfits with the garb of a security guard, a male supermodel, a scientist in a hazmat suit, a plague doctor, a chef, and many more.

The first time going through a level is just the beginning. Replay value is phenomenal, and maybe even exceptional for a Hitman game, given the great size and number of the levels, the number of NPCs, the number of murderous gadgets and weapons littering every room and corridor, and also because of the added options that open up after an initial run-through. Completing mission challenges unlock frills like new weapons, disguises, and starting locations, which of course offer up new ways to get to and finish off your targets.

And then there is Escalation Mode, a new feature that adds requirements to already existing levels. It creates new missions that involve you offing multiple new targets in specific ways. Difficulty goes up with each successful assassination assignment. Escalations start with things like murdering a few people in specific ways, and then move on to more complex goals like killing while wearing a specific disguise, finishing off all of your targets in a tight time limit, dumping all the bodies in one location, and so forth. In many ways it resembles to The Walking Dead: Season Three Game and has many similar options to choose from.

The game is more of a cartoon than any sort of authentic exploration of the world of contract assassinations–which is certainly a good thing, both for the way this lightens the mood and also how it provides so much room for creativity.